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Título : Cooperative Learning in PBL to Develop Speaking
Autor: Piedra Argudo, Karina de los Dolores
Tutor(es): Ramirez Avila, María Rossana
Correo electronico de Director, Asesor, Colaborador, Coordinador de Tesis: mramirez@casagrande.edu.ec
Ciudad: Guayaquil
Fecha de publicación : feb-2021
Editorial: Universidad Casa Grande. Departamento de Posgrado
Citación : Piedra Argudo, Karina de los Dolores. (2021). Cooperative Learning in PBL to Develop Speaking. Presented as Partial Fulfillment of the Master’s Degree in Pedagogy of National and Foreign Languages, Mention of Teaching in English. Universidad Casa Grande. Departamento de Posgrado, Guayaquil. 21 p.
Codigo Interno : Tesis;2866
Abstract: In these modern days, English is the language widely used as a key window all over the world. For whom, his native language is not English is in the requirement to learn it as a significant source of communication. The oral competence or speaking skill must be considered as the initial skill to be developed rather than the other communicative competences because it is an integral and natural ability of the human beings to produce language as the initial part of their daily life. So, speaking must be the goal of English learning because “been able to speak in English is not only to know the language, but know how to use it” (Saville–Troike, 2006). It is the way through which people shares their ideas, feelings, views, and thoughts with others. It is vital for all kinds of professional and personal goals, as Modiano said students are “acquiring it because it will be required of them in a wide range of work related, educational and social activities.” (2009, p. 59). Consequently, it is the reason that teacher should look for appropriate strategies and methodologies with communicative activities to make students develop their speaking skill. However, it is assumed that the development of the speaking skill in learners is not easy because of the status of English as a foreign language and it is not used daily because of the people´s background. Gonzales et al. (2017) conducted a study in Colombia and they implemented Project-Based Learning to improve speaking and after a diagnostic test, the authors found that the majority of the learners of first and second year baccalaureat showed a basic level of oral proficiency. That was the reason that they decided to look for a solution to this problem. They decided to change some methods of teaching that led to a good command of the language.
URI - Direccion electronica alterna: http://dspace.casagrande.edu.ec:8080/handle/ucasagrande/2690
Tipo: masterThesis
Paginas: 21 p.
Grado Academico: Pedagogía de los Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros con Mención en la Enseñanza de Inglés
Aparece en las colecciones: Tesis - Maestría en Pedagogía de los Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros con Mención en la Enseñanza de Inglés

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