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dc.contributor.authorSalazar Torres, Martha Anabelle-
dc.identifier.citationSalazar Torres, Martha Anabelle (2018). English Classes Enriched with Professional Tasks Improve Professional Communication in Psychology Students. Presented as Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of Magister de Estudios Superiores con Mención en Investigación e Innovación Pedagógica. Universidad Casa Grande. Departamento de Posgrado, Guayaquil. 28 p.es_EC
dc.description.abstractThis article reports the effect of a six-week classroom innovation which included adapting the textbook with authentic performance tasks to improve professional communication in thirty-three A2 level psychology students at a large public university in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The innovation is based on the need to enrich university English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes with professional activities to motivate and improve students’ oral and written communication in order to fulfill the national graduation requirement of Level B2. Three textbook chapters were enriched with reading and writing activities related to bullying and included technical vocabulary and background information. Active learning strategies were used such as case studies, role – plays, videos and interviews to help students engage and learn professional English. This study used a mixed-method design. Quantitative results are based on the pre-post tests of thirty-three A2 level university students. The students individually read a case study and filled in a form at the beginning and end of the innovation. Results report the effect on use of technical vocabulary, comprehension of the case and clarity of communication. There was a positive impact on learning English by adapting textbooks and using the authentic performance tasks. Authentic career activities helped students’ grades improve 58% overall with the most improvement in the areas of professional vocabulary and the clarity of the case recommendations. Qualitative data was collected through structured interviews of six students at the end of the innovation. The article shares the methods used and results of the study.es_EC
dc.format.extent28 p.es_EC
dc.publisherUniversidad Casa Grande. Departamento de Posgradoes_EC
dc.titleEnglish Classes Enriched with Professional Tasks Improve Professional Communication in Psychology Studentses_EC
dc.description.degreeMagister de Estudios Superiores con Mención en Investigación e Innovación Pedagógicaes_EC
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